Welcome to our referral program,

We are happy you chose to work with us!

To work with us under the referral program, please refer your clients to us and you will get 20% back from all payments of those clients (even the future orders). Therefore, we pay the commission only if we get the client's contact and we work with the client directly.

How does it work?

The best solution which we recommend is when you e-mail your client adding us to CC. Example:

In the copy of this e-mail is the Translation Agency of Canada, they will help you with your translations."

We will respond to you that we have received the client's contact and we will also respond to the client to start the translation process.
After that, we will work with the client directly and you will be getting referral payments from all his orders, usually, once a month.

Alternatively, if you don't want to share the clients' contacts, or your clients won't like to deal with translations by themselves, you can work with them yourself and order from us directly but you will have to mark up our price as much as it's convenient for you. In this case, you are the one who will be our client and you will need to pay us directly.

Let us know the work option which suits you by responding to the last email in our conversation.
We will be happy to start working with you and your clients!