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Toutes les langues. Faites par des humains, des locuteurs natifs.
Délai d’exécution aussi rapide que 24 heures.
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Ce que nous traduisons

Documents juridiques
Statuts, certificats de constitution, extraits, certificats, rapports annuels
Documentation sur l’exportation et l’importation
Factures, bordereaux d’expédition, contrats d’import-export, licences, certificats
Instructions et manuels
Instructions d’assemblage, d’installation et d’utilisation, manuels, documentation technique, plans, organigrammes, étiquetage
Logiciels informatiques et applications mobiles
Interface et contenu pour les applications sur Windows, macOS, UNIX, iPhone, Android et SaaS (plateformes en ligne)
Sites web et articles
Traductions et adaptation socioculturelle de sites web, optimisation SEO pour les marchés internationaux, copywriting dans les langues cibles.
Certificats de conformité
Déclarations de conformité et de conformité, certificats d’origine, certificats de sécurité et de santé
Documentation sur les RH et la mobilité
Politiques, contrats, descriptions de postes, propositions, documents d’immigration pour les visas, les permis de travail, l’AIMT et la résidence permanente de vos employés.
Également : Traductions certifiées et notariées
Traductions effectuées par un traducteur agréé au Canada, certifiées par un notaire public ou un commissaire à l’assermentation.
Également : Apostille et légalisation
Authentification, légalisation et apostille de documents en vue de leur utilisation à l’étranger

Exemples de ce que nous avons fait

Matériel pour les victimes d’abus sexuels
sans but lucratif
21 378
Anglais → Français (Québec)

Projet. BRIDGENORTH aide les victimes d’abus sexuels au Canada. Ils devaient devenir bilingues dans tous les documents destinés aux consommateurs afin d’obtenir un financement du gouvernement.
Nous avons localisé leur site web (y compris les formulaires de commentaires, les images et les menus), les questionnaires et les formulaires d’admission. Un sous-domaine français a été créé, toutes les pages ont été dupliquées et reliées, et tous les liens externes ont été mis à jour pour mener au contenu en français.
Site web : Version EN, version FR

Délai. 1 semaine pour les traductions + 1 semaine pour la gestion du site web
HR documentation for a new office
33 668
English → French (Quebec)

Project. NIBAV LIFTS, a manufacturer of home elevators in Ontario (EN), was opening an office in Quebec (FR).
We translated HR documentation for the new office: procedures, work instructions, and policies (travel, conveyance, incentive, occupational health and safety, harassment, ethics, privacy, etc.)

Timeline. 1 week
Technical manual for an attraction
7 642
English and French → Korean

Project. Trio-Tech develops and manufactures attractions.
We translated a manual for the manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance of a "Laser Gun" attraction from English and French to Korean

Timeline. 2 days
Extracts from the federal budget
3 306
English → French (Quebec)

Project. The Real Property Institute of Canada educates specialists in real property and real estate.

We translated extracts from the federal Canadian budget for 2023 with commentaries to public them on their website and on social media, and send them in newsletters to members of the Canadian government, board of directors and representatives of private organizations

Duration. 12 hours (urgent request).
Materials for a medical research
5 236
English → French (Quebec)

Project. A team of scientists from the University of Toronto was conducting research on brain traumas.

We translated e-mail newsletters to potential participants, questionnaires, consent forms, advertising materials, and posts for social media. We prepared translations preserving the original formatting (fonts, colours, positioning of elements, etc.)

Timeline. 3 days
Webpages about autism
English → French (Quebec)

Project. Autism Speaks Canada collaborates with the autism community to enhance lives today and accelerate a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

We translated web pages about a series on autistic Canadians

Timeline. 1 day
By-Laws of a volunteering organization
4 557
English → French (Quebec)

Project. Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary assists the Canadian Coast Guard and the National Defense with search and rescue and safe boating programs.

We translated the by-laws of this organization, using a lexicon (translation memory) provided by the client that they accumulated from previous translations

Timeline. 1 day
Website, pricelists, newsletters
6 650
English → French (Quebec)

Project. MakeItSow helps organizations run fundraising activities. They wanted more clients from French-speaking regions of Canada.

We localized their website, including all order forms, price lists, and "Welcome" and "Thank You" letters. A widget to change the language on the website was added. We also translated e-mail newsletters and advertising materials

Timeline. Eight separate projects with timelines from a few hours to a couple of days
Legal documents for export
5 000
English and French → Spanish (Cuba)

Project. 8th Sense Group is operating in the oil and gas industry. They were expanding their operations to Cuba.

We translated their by-laws, registration and financial documents for obtaining an export license.

Timeline. 2 days for translations + 1 business day to get translations certified by a public notary
Social media posts for a manufacturer
1 000
English → German, Romanian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

Project. Litens is an OEM manufacturer of automotive parts and has factories in Canada, Germany, Romania, China, Japan, South Korea, and other countries. They required their social media posts localized into multiple languages for teams in these countries.

We translated content for social media from English to multiple languages and shared our feedback regarding website localization.

Timeline. 1 business day

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Prices and timelines for business translations

Prices for high-quality translations made by professional human translators start from $0.06 CAD per word. Prices depend on the language combination, volume, required certification, and additional services.
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We help individual clients and government, public and commercial organizations with translations and localization. We localize various documents from by-laws and import-export documentation to marketing materials and technical documentation. We provide results in ready-to-use files in the required format. We also help get translations certified and notarized.

We translate from any language to any language. We have more than 200 languages in our portfolio including indigenous Canadian languages (e.g., Anishinaabemowin, Inuktitut). Translations are done by highly skilled professional translators, native in the target language, and each of them has at least 5 years of experience in translations.

We are in this business for more than 20 years and have translated more than 12 496 000 words.

One of the benefits of working with us is that we not only provide translations but also deal with layout. For example, if your source document has an image with text, we will provide you with the same image with a new (translated) text. If you need a separate language version of your website, we will complete this job from A to Z: get everything translated, get images localized, create a new subdomain, duplicate webpages, and link everything.

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