Conditions of the "Video review" offering by the Translation Agency of Canada (below — TA)

Organizer of the offering: Translation Agency of Canada Inc. (below — TA),

  1. A Client of the TA can record video reviews of the work performed by the TA for that Client.
  2. TA will use those videos for any purpose, including advertisements. The Client grants TA all rights to any use, in whole or in part, of those videos, including voices, faces, images, last names, first names, cities, and provinces of residence, including any commercial use to promote translation services in any country in the world. TA may assign the rights for these videos to any third parties for advertising purposes or other purposes. The Client acknowledges that they will not dispute the copyright of these videos.
  3. The video can be recorded in any language(s).
  4. The Client's face must be visible in these videos.
  5. TA will only accept videos with positive reviews. If the Client's experiences were negative, the Client should e-mail the TA at for further resolution of those complaints.
  6. The duration of the videos must be 10 seconds or more, not less.
  7. The videos must be with sound.
  8. If all the above criteria are met and the Client's video reviews are approved by the TA's manager, the Client will be eligible to receive a payout of $50.00 CAD (Fifty Canadian Dollars) by Interac e-transfer or by PayPal, as the Client prefers.
  9. Clients submitting their videos to the TA agree with these terms.

Igor Isaev
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
September 08, 2023